Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bands i've been in...

FUTURE WEST- 2012 finds me living in Asheville NC. known for its vibrant old-time and bluegrass scene, I did the obvious thing- A rock band with elements of noise, futurist concepts, visuals, samples, etc.

THE READEM AND WEEPERS- Back in The Dirt country in central California I did the only logical thing- Started a country band. One part old Outlaw style, a heap of Waylon (thanks to my contribution as guitar picker for the 10th annual Waylon tribute in Austin), and alot of beer drinking, weed smoking, and general hell raisin'. The great thing is, when I left for Asheville NC, the band continued and is still playing shows to this day.

FURIOUS FUZZ- austin tx- noise rock fuzz punk. demo recorded at the compound by brandon edge. 2011. This band was short lived and wild. We played 4 or 5 shows around Austin, including two sxsw showcases, a food not bombs benefit, an outdoor party on the farm I was living, and a pizza shop with some wild Australian nois bands.

BAD ASSETS- arroyo grande, ca- power trio with my brother john mac on drums. first ep recorded by keith thompson in santa cruz, second recorded by dave harvey in olympia wa . both self released on waay underground! 2009-present
http://www.reverbnation.com/badassetsband. BA did numerous tours up and down the west coast, from Vancouver BC to downtown LA. We also did a three week tour through the southwest to Austin for SXSW.

DIRTY NAILS- san luis obispo, ca-fast and furious short lived rock and roll. self released  demo 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUmCA3GmGcs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqlHvpf3pzQ&feature=related. This band was built to self imlpode. The drummer was a surfer/entrepenuerdude and the bass player was an old school punk. They really couldn't stand each other. The kicker was when the bass player started drinking again after years of sobriety and couldn't control his anger and rage. shows were wild, but the vibe was always tense.

LA FIESTA-portland, or- highly conceptual improvisational art rock. two song demo recorded by dave hertz. 2010.We were founded on the idea of high concept performance with improvised music. Our first show was in a basement, completely painted white. we wore all white and hade color changing led lights going. we locked the door to the basemant and projected the show on the living room wall upstairs where people ware partying and could hear the music through the floor. Our second show was called "La vida y la muerte de la fiesta". For this one, we brought with us a paper mache eyeball, armbamds depicting an eyeball with feathers. We played three or so pieces in the club, and morphed into a marching band and led the audience out into the parking lot, where we blew up the eyeball which was full of feathers.

DARK SKIES- portland, or- three piece loud and dirty rock and roll. first lp recorded by mike lastra released by empty records. second lp recorded at high command studio in olympia self released on waay underground. 2007-2010
 http://www.myspace.com/darkskiesportland  http://www.emptyrecords.com/empty/releases/record_detail.asp?intRecordId=229. Dark Skies did many tours up and down the west coast, plus a full 6 week US tour all the way to New York, et all and back. We were notorious for putting on loud and intense live shows.

HOOKIE BOYS- portland,or- predecessor to dark skies, with holly "hotbox" morgan on drums. self recorded demo. 2006.
TOUGH LOVE (& THE BELLANASTI)- portland,or- wild ass rock and roll with drunken hi jinx, scantily clad backup singers, and explosives. 2004-2006. We did one tour through oregon and California that will live on forever in the memories of everyone involved. Always on the verge of total destruction.

PEACE CONFLICT-portland, or- one month project with tony zero from new caldonia. each song in a different language. self released demo. 2006.In the course of one month, we wrote 7 songs, recorded a demo, and played a basement show.

TURN ME LOOSE- portland,or- four piece rock band inspired by the kinks and the replacements. never released demo. '02-04. It was a good time in Portland for clubs and house shows. We played out for awhile but the band never quite had the get-up-and-go spirit to tour or record anything official.

ROY TINSEL'S TONIGHT- portland,or-  sexually charged freaky love rock. lp on learning to ride a bike records. 2000-02
http://www.amazon.com/Here-Lies-My-Heart/dp/B002S5HOL8. I joined this alread functioning band as second guitar. We played around Portland with various lineups and in various outfits.

THE KNOCKOUTS- memphis tn- soul power rock and roll. self released demo.  2000. We played around a few clubs in Memphis.

LOOSE DIAMONDS-memphis tn-  supergroup that never made it out of the jam space. 1999.This was somewhat of a "supergroup"-all the members being somewhat of garage/rock veterans. unfortunately, each practice involved whisky and beer, and after playing four or so songs the band (or one member or another) would lose steam, or get too drunk, or get shitty and mean.

VEGAS THUNDER-memphis tn- down and dirty loud fast rock and roll. one full length lp on sympathy for the record industry. recorded at easly studio produced by jack oblivion.97-2000 http://www.sympathyrecords.com/catalogue/pages2/SFTRI586.html
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4rI7th4W74&feature=channel_video_title. We made quite a reputation for ourselves by insane live antics, like ridiculously dangerous pyrotecnics (involving large amounts of gunpowder), a fire breathing drummer, even at one point giving out free beer at our shows! We did some regional touring and in 2000 we got the chance to tour Europe.

WITLESS-memphis,tn- one man euro-peacepunk style demo "the government are assholes". (the direct result of living with todd and paul "his hero is gone" burdette and listening to tons of crappy punk 7"s)1998

THE SHAKEDOWNS-memphis tn- one man dirty garage rock demo. artwork by eric oblivion 1998

THE GNASH- portland,or- "get gnashty". aural assault trash rock. whiskey and fire. 1997.The Gnash liked old crow whiskey, fire, and berating the audience. Some version or other of the Gnash is still playing to this day.

LEGACY OF BRUTALITY-portland,or- quite possibly the world's longest running misfits cover band. every halloween from 93-2003.The final straw was the amount of sheer brutality that was always a part of the show. We played with (read-attacked) the audience at times, but whae skinheads started showing up and punching people at random, it was just lame.

THE PANTIES- portland,or- riot grrrl three piece with a dude drummer; me. 1996? Big fat DinoJr sound for the riot grrl era.And no, playing in the lesbian arena never really lead to "gettin' any".

THE PIECUTTERS- portland,or- another riot grrl band in need of a drummer, settling for akick ass,  gentle non alpha male drummer. 96?Played out a handfull of times.

SHARKS KILL- portland,or- three piece jangle punk. 7" ep on atomic fireball records 95-97? http://www.discogs.com/Sharks-Kill-Sharks-Kill/release/2547813. We did quite a bit of West coast touring and a great 9 state tour and a full two month US tour that nearly drove us all mad.

NOGGIN BIG BAND- olympia wa- this was a one off recording project for noggin- usually a two piece avante noise experimental project. they wanted to record a completely improvised big band album. i played trumpet, along with three or four other horn players. 96.

PHANTOM 309-portland,or- trucker themed rock/hardcore. self released demo 95? This was a heyday for the Portland basement scene.
MEA CULPA-portland,or- punky hardcore inspired by discord and vermiform type stuff. there must be a demo somewhere? 1994?
PUNKY ROCKIT-portland,or- loose,out of tune pop punk. first 7"ep on atomic firebal records, second 7" on campground records.1993-95. This was the first band I played guitar for. We did some touring up and down the west coast.

ROGER NUSIC-tualitin,or- christian psychedelic love rock.1993-94 weird shit. http://www.rogernusic.com/catalog.html. I  joined his preexisring band after seeing them one night at the x-ray cafe and saying to myself- "what a total freak!". Truer words were never spoken. We did some touring, most notibly to Reno, which was probably the last time we ever really did a big trip together.

TEN FOUR- portland,or- i played trumpet and cymbals in ths band. a demo, a 7", many local shows and a few out of towners. 93-94.Somewhat of a sorrid story with a very cute bassist, her morman boyfriend, and my skeezy self.

4TH DAY SUBMERGED-portland,or- very short lived spazz core band. 1994?

TERRORDACTYLE-portland,or- i think this was a joke hardcore band. 1994

SUCKERPUNCH- arroyo grande,ca- punky hardcore old school emo. 10" lp on little redhead records. slpit flexi disk with born against on ebullition records. song on 'give me back' comp on ebullition records. song on 'stop' comp on allied records. song on 'santa barbra-a fool's paradise' comp on little redhead records. 90-92
http://news.mrdwab.com/2008/07/08/suckerpunch/. This was my first foray into touring. at 18, the week after we graduated high school, we jumped in my moms ford f150 and drove across the entire country, playing some pretty legendary shows along the way. This was the era of Antischism, Avail, Downcast, fucked up 'blood-in-the-pit SXE bands, all of which we played with. A learning experience for sure.

TOADLIQUOR all places.nowhere. did a few live dates with this legendary sludge rock beast.91-94?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3WM-d2s89I. Somewhere, Toad Liquor lives on.

CLEFTFLY- arroyo grande,ca- the leftovers from shankenstizer when the drummer quit or got kicked out. i don't remember the details. 92? Part of the "Powerhouse" scene, revolving around a dilapitaed oul house our friend's parents used to let us do shows in.

DUMPSTER arroyo grande ca. short lived melodic instrumental pop punk. 92?Played at the Powerhouse a few times.

HAIRMAN- strange old school punk. a few shows and no demo that i know of. 91.Somewhat embarassing punk band with some of the other kids from my school, who at the time were pretty into outpunking everyone else.

CARBOMB- san luis obispo,ca- this band was with some other group of friends, the san luis punks (as opposed to the five cities punks) and for all of our effort, we played only a handful of shows and self released a demo. 91 ish.

TOXIC YOUTH- the band that started it all. old school punk inspired by the very few punk records we had heard at that point. "hardcore or what" demo self released. 1988-89.

LUCKY DOUGLAS- my solo project. many many home recordings, some made it very short run cassette or cd releases.

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